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Our product ecosystem

The hardest part of a successful digital transformation is the cultural piece. At orchestrated, we embrace this challenge. We help our clients implement modern delivery practices enabled by our product ecosystem.

These tools each have their own unique value but work together as a whole to improve your company's processes and delivery capability, so that you can provide value for your customers as efficiently and effectively as possible.


In large organisations, it's often hard to know who is in charge of what project, what teams are where, and working on what. Not just at a small team level, but also on a large picture/overview level. This provides an easy way to visualise who sits where and what they are working on or in charge of. Tracking down the right person to talk to becomes easy.

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In large organisations, it's hard to know and keep track of what products or teams are reliant on others to deliver things. Manage your dependencies well by allowing people to request a dependency to consume by a certain date, and for that to be negotiated and agreed upon. Once there is a dependency, keep track of the health of this to make sure things are being delivered when they say they are, and if not, how this impacts the rest of the business.

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Useful for both bootstrapping new initiatives and keeping track of all the current projects across your company.

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Team Check-in

Easily run team health checks and other collaborative team sessions with distributed teams who embrace continuous improvement.

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Do you know all the things that are holding up your business delivering value? Easily allow people to create, track, negotiate and resolve impediments across your business.

Cycle Time

Figuring out your cycle time and deployment frequency is usually difficult or time consuming, this tool makes it easy. Once you know these metrics, you can work towards improving them. Teams that continuously deliver software to customers on a constant basis will perform well and improve the speed at which a company can try new things and improve.


Track all approved budgets and spendings across multiple business units, teams, products and funding sources. See how things move across the company to allow for better optimising of where budgets are going, and how they change over time.


Don't you wish you could keep track of all your tasks, from all your apps, in one place? This easily collates your tasks for easy viewing and prioritising. Saving you the brain strain and time required for context switching between apps to see what needs your attention.

What do we do?

Modern software engineering

Software in the Enterprise can be fast, fun and a pleasure to develop and use. We'll help you build software development teams that love what they do, are strongly engaged with your business, use modern agile techniques and tools to incrementally deliver value. We specialise in helping stand up new teams and initiatives, as well as provide capacity or skill uplift to your existing team.


Software development is done when the code is in production, being used by your customers. We focus on building a collaborative respectful culture that brings operational & security capabilities within your software development teams, along with infrastructure skills and automation tools that improve governance while removing drudgery.

Digital transformation

We help your company's culture transform to support continuous improvement of your products. We use technology to help support more productive and trustworthy interactions between people at scale.

Product design

We create intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interfaces for web, app and software through a process of research, exploration, user experience thinking, wireframing, clickable prototypes and high-fidelity mock ups.

Value delivery

Value has many forms ($, customer satisfaction, features, maturity) but we believe the customer leads its definition. Fast feedback loops provide rapid delivery of value to your enterprise.

Tools for digital transformation

It's a people thing. But how do you know? We have easy to use tools that help teams understand the health of themselves and of the services they create, so they can continually improve.

Who are we?

We are a force of disruption to legacy IT delivery of products and services. We focus on delivering rapid incremental value to businesses.

We strongly advocate that people and culture over process transforms organisations. We help empower collaborative teams (over silos), underpinned by technology that enforces rather than hinders the ability to deliver products or services into the hands of customers as efficiently as possible.

We are made up of a tight knit team of passionate and talented individuals in Melbourne and Sydney who are thought leaders in the software engineering, digital transformation and product design fields.

Our team cares about making a difference to our clients and their people, whom they work alongside and collaborate with. Sometimes this is challenging because, usually, disrupting is a people challenge. Easy to say and harder to do, but this is what we do well. We’re on a people journey as well as a technological one; we understand both need to happily co-exist for us to succeed.


Chief Disruptor
Photo of Sam

I'm the founder and CDO (Chief Disrupting Officer) of Orchestrated. My personal goal is to transform and digitise your enterprise (for your customers) to make it hum. Feel free to reach out to me. - Sam, Chief Disruptor


Digital Disruptor
Photo of Ryan

I reside on the NSW Central Coast and am currently trying to find my way in the big city by eating anything and everything that contains a copious amount of bacon. - Ryan, Digital Disruptor


Services Ninja
Photo of JT

I look after professional services and client engagement, as well as provide advice to clients who want to procure Internet services which underpin their digital transformation and software engineering efforts. I see my role as making our clients and our team happy. I’m passionate about the environment, surfing and gardening and live on Sydney's Northern Beaches with my wife and 3 lively kids. - JT, Services Ninja


Vision Orchestrator
Photo of Phil

I love my big toys (bobcat, roller, truck etc.), the changes they can make, the responsibilities that come with them and how clearly you have to understand and explain the outcomes. This translates directly to my work of affecting and helping drive change. - Phil, Vision Orchestrator


Bridge Builder and People Ops
Photo of Martin

Originally an engineer, I've broadened my horizons to bridging the gap between business and technology. I help people, teams, products and companies continuously improve as they take products from conception to market. I'm also responsible for People Operations - which you might know as Human Resources. - Martin, Bridge Builder and People Ops


Software Artisan
Photo of Tom

I like building software and seeing it used. I cut through the cruft, keep things simple and do what I can to make those around me more productive. I believe in the sensibly sized service. - Tom, Software Artisan


Software Engineer
Photo of Emmanuel

I am a JavaScript enthusiast. I believe that JS will take over the world! - Emmanuel, Software Engineer


Full-stack Pancakes
Photo of Sumesh

A developer by profession but a student at heart, I have a passion for learning and working on open stack and cloud solutions, especially AWS. I enjoy helping our clients move to the cloud with serverless, docker, immutable infrastructure and good software practice needed for agile delivery. At present, settled in Melbourne with my wife and love spending time on the couch watcing Netflix. - Sumesh, Full-stack Pancakes


Product Design Wizard
Photo of Adam

What motivates and inspires me is the opportunity to design digital user interfaces and experiences that are simple to use, intuitive and look and function beautifully. I am a maker and passionate about creating things for others to enjoy. I love reading fantasy/sci-fi, gaming, watching movies/tv shows, and travelling around the world. I have a lovely wife (aka personal finance manager and travel agent) and hilarious, cuddly French Bulldog called Buster, both of which I cherish. - Adam, Product Design Wizard


Agile Craftsman
Photo of Warrick

My greatest motivation is the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing my effort producing something useful and valuable. I believe agile practices make me far more productive and effective. I'm always learning and enjoy being in teams that are working to become more agile. - Warrick, Agile Craftsman


Coder Connoisseur
Photo of Stefan

I'm a full-stack dev who's passionate about open source software. I love building and automating things and also playing lego with my 2 boys. - Stefan, Coder Connoisseur


Hacker Virtuoso
Photo of David

Tech is my passion. I love designing and implementing solutions that have positive impact. - David, Hacker Virtuoso


Software Developer
Photo of Jimmy

I write clean, readable and testable code. I love learning new technologies that bring efficiencies and higher productivity. - Jimmy, Software Developer


Solution Strategist
Photo of Pim

I come from an engineering background, and have a broad range of experience with solution design as well as modern devOps practices. - Pim, Solution Strategist


Pirate Programmer
Photo of Anjana

Keen to learn new technologies and eager to put them in practice. - Anjana, Pirate Programmer


AI Master
Photo of Emil

Coming from an academic background, I now use mathematics, linguistics, and computer science to apply AI. Artificial intelligence is my passion. - Emil, AI Master

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