Who, and what, is orchestrated?

Hi there! Here's a little spiel about us

At Orchestrated, strongly advocate that people and culture over process transforms organisations. We work first hand with the teams that are implementing agile transformations in large and fast growing organisations. On the ground and through our tools, we see how our customers benefit when they organize to facilitate agility, redesign work processes into value streams that are efficient & customer centric, nurture relentless improvement by encouraging a culture of learning and experimentation, and incrementally pivot funding models so they support outcomes over projects.

Instituting this change at scales of 5,000+ people is facilitated by building a clear view of the organisation's purpose. From strategic direction, to the key results that will be demanded from their business units, to how these business units will organize their people into groups and teams to deliver these results. All while making space and building the trust that's required for people to experiment and innovate.

Our tools and services help everyone in the organisation get a real-time view of their most valuable assets: their people and cross-functional teams, the work they do, and the organisational structure they work within. Guided by the organisation's evolving principles, our tools help people leaders plan and allocate teams to adapt to the demands of the work. We keep the resulting vision current for all, which significantly accelerates transformation initiatives and the flows of work that would otherwise be impeded by incomplete or stale information.

We are made up of a tight knit team of passionate and talented individuals in Melbourne and Sydney who are thought leaders in the digital transformation, software enginneing and product ownership and design fields.

Our team cares about making a difference to our clients and their people, whom they work alongside and collaborate with. Sometimes this is challenging because, usually, disrupting is a people challenge. Easy to say and harder to do, but this is what we do well. We’re on a people journey as well as a technological one; we understand both need to happily co-exist for us to succeed.


Chief Disruptor
Photo of Sam

I'm the founder and CDO (Chief Disrupting Officer) of Orchestrated. My personal goal is to transform and digitise your enterprise (for your customers) to make it hum. Feel free to reach out to me. - Sam, Chief Disruptor


Digital Disruptor
Photo of Ryan

I reside on the NSW Central Coast and am currently trying to find my way in the big city by eating anything and everything that contains a copious amount of bacon. - Ryan, Digital Disruptor


Services Ninja
Photo of JT

I look after professional services and client engagement, as well as provide advice to clients who want to procure Internet services which underpin their digital transformation and software engineering efforts. I see my role as making our clients and our team happy. I’m passionate about the environment, surfing and gardening and live on Sydney's Northern Beaches with my wife and 3 lively kids. - JT, Services Ninja


Vision Orchestrator
Photo of Phil

I love my big toys (bobcat, roller, truck etc.), the changes they can make, the responsibilities that come with them and how clearly you have to understand and explain the outcomes. This translates directly to my work of affecting and helping drive change. - Phil, Vision Orchestrator


Bridge Builder and People Ops
Photo of Martin

Originally an engineer, I've broadened my horizons to bridging the gap between business and technology. I help people, teams, products and companies continuously improve as they take products from conception to market. I'm also responsible for People Operations - which you might know as Human Resources. - Martin, Bridge Builder and People Ops


Software Artisan
Photo of Tom

I like building software and seeing it used. I cut through the cruft, keep things simple and do what I can to make those around me more productive. I believe in the sensibly sized service. - Tom, Software Artisan


Product Design Wizard
Photo of Adam

What motivates and inspires me is the opportunity to design digital user interfaces and experiences that are simple to use, intuitive and look and function beautifully. I am a maker and passionate about creating things for others to enjoy. I love reading fantasy/sci-fi, gaming, watching movies/tv shows, and travelling around the world. I have a lovely wife (aka personal finance manager and travel agent) and hilarious, cuddly French Bulldog called Buster, both of which I cherish. - Adam, Product Design Wizard


Coder Connoisseur
Photo of Stefan

I'm a full-stack dev who's passionate about open source software. I love building and automating things and also playing lego with my 2 boys. - Stefan, Coder Connoisseur


Hacker Virtuoso
Photo of David

Tech is my passion. I love designing and implementing solutions that have positive impact. - David, Hacker Virtuoso


Software Developer
Photo of Jimmy

I write clean, readable and testable code. I love learning new technologies that bring efficiencies and higher productivity. - Jimmy, Software Developer


Customer Empathizer Extraordinaire
Photo of Ben

I lead customer success which means I’m responsible for making sure our clients are happy and getting the best possible value from our products. I’ve worked in many industries along the way including tech, food and beverage, consulting and even creative production and I love to read sci fi, drink whisky and play sport (not together). I live in Sydney with my wife Andee, our sons Liam and Logan and our dog Ralph. - Ben, Customer Empathizer Extraordinaire


Software Engineer
Photo of Sho

Learning, feeling and enjoying the art of programming. - Sho, Software Engineer


Software Engineer
Photo of Dustin

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology, We have the capability - Dustin, Software Engineer