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The hardest part of a successful digital transformation is the cultural piece - we embrace this challenge. We help to implement modern delivery practices enabled by our product ecosystem.

Our tools allow enterprise leaders, their teams and consulting partners, to significantly accelerate their transformation initiatives using visualisation, analysis and insights into their organisation in real time.

People Teams

Define your operating model principles. Visualise, in real time, your teams, their location and make up, what they're working on and whom they're working with. Gain actionable targeted insights, make changes and see the results. Validate and cleanse your data. Get started with our no obligation basic service today!

Service Health Projects Initiatives

Start on the Front Foot: Bootstrap new initiatives and teams by aligning team members, their health with a unified outcome. See service health via at-a-glance view of initiatives and their key measures - user satisfaction, cost-per-transaction, digital take up, completion rate. No obligation basic service available.

Work Dependencies

Agile portfolios have many moving parts. Product teams iterate quickly with rapid customer feedback loops. Visualise the work being performed, teams reliant on each other and key relationships. Target impediments or prevent potential constraints. Increase flow efficiency, understand the impact to cycle-time. See who really owns your IP.

Check-in Retro Agile

Super simple team health checks for collaborative teams to embrace empowerment, self-regulation and continuous improvement. Visualise team health over time via a simple dashboard. Customise for your own environment. No obligation basic service available.