Tech @ orchestrated.

At Orchestrated, we believe that people and technology underpin strong organisational performance.

Making the right technological choices for your business can seem daunting, given the breadth of choices and pace of change.

We have put together our Tech Bubble plot to help. In the course of our product development and customer consultancy work we have been exposed to over 120 techniques and tools. Our informed opinions have been developed by investigation, use, much experimentation, trials and learning from failures. Our use case is increasing team and whole business agility. Our preferred languages are JavaScript, Java, with some Python.

The Orchestrated Tech Bubble

The Tech Bubble is a visual plotting of various tools, technologies and methodologies, categorised into distinct areas.

We have focussed on (1) Organisational Culture, (2) Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, (3) DevOps, Infrastructure, Security and Systems Architecture, and (4) Web and User Interface Design.

We have ranked these techniques and tools by whether we (1) Love and currently use them, (2) Like and recommend (3) Trialling with a proof of concept, (4) Interested in evaluating, or (5) Not suited for any of our current use cases.

Below you can click through to our 2D rendition, and our experimental 3D rendition. We think a 3D rendition could make this wealth of information easier to consume and explore. Let us know your thoughts with the feedback form below.

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